For General Practitioners

General Practitioners

MT Medication Review Services provide the clinic a unique personal service model in conducting medication reviews with every care plan as best practice and  an extra service for their patients through a medication focused approach.


For the Practice Manager the system will provide;

  • Management reports for monitoring medication review performance within the clinic

  • Reports will be customised to provide GPs with concise definitive medication review action plans.

  • A profitable revenue system


Why have a medication review? 

A medication review is a government funded patient focused service used to assist the quality use of medicines. The review involves a GP consultation to generate a referral, a pharmacist interview with the patient, a clinical assessment by the pharmacist and a written report back to the GP.


A medication review can help patients manage their medications better and get the most benefit from their medicines.


MT Medication Review Services will provide you with comprehensive up-to-date information about all medicines including over the counter, complimentary products and devices used by your patient 


Your patient will receive assistance, early detection and management of medicine related problems with medication, aids and devices to improve compliance.


The process (Medicare item 900) involves two consultations from the GP. One to identify potential patients and arrange for the review and a second consultation after the pharmacist's interview and report to discuss the findings and implement any action.