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What are medication management reviews?

medication management reviews are a way for the GP and pharmacists to make sure you get the most benefit from your medications.


The GP generates a referral to the pharmacist and the pharmacist then meets with you to discuss your medicines. Some things discussed can be showing you how to take your medicines correctly, explain why and when you take your medicines, explain where your medicine should be stored, checking that prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines and vitamins are appropriate to take together and clarify any confusion with generic medicines.


The pharmacist then makes a written report and sends it back to the GP who discusses the recommendations with you. This cannot be done without your consent.


As a result of Medication Management Reviews people acknowledge that they understand more about managing their condition and their medication themselves.


What does this cost?

A Medication Management Review is a government funded, consumer focused collaborative service, involving both GPs and pharmacists and it's free to eligible consumers.