For Aged Care Facilities

Aged Care

A Residential Management Review (RMMR) is a service for permanent residents of aged care homes. It involves collaboration between the GP and pharmacist to review the medication management needs of the resident.


We involve nurses and care staff in the process which is particularly valuable. We are passionate about achieving quality outcomes for the resident. We have an established procedure for the resident's consent to access information, collect data and deliver a medication management service.


We can assess the educational needs of the facility in relation to medication use. Deliver any educational service to care staff ensuring optimal medication management Supply referenced information to explain common clinical issues encountered, as well as care protocols and guidelines as appropriate.


Meet with Medical Practioners caring for facility residents and brief them on the medication review process and address any concerns.


A written report addressing medication related issues for specific residents in consultation with nursing staff is provided to the facility and the resident's GP


Review all new residents, those with adverse drug outcomes or referred by nurses or medical practitioners or requiring follow up. Provide a series of free talks on a range of topics requested. Attendance to Medication Advisory Committee meetings as requested. Provide telephone advice and audit.


RMMR’s can enhance the quality use of medical care provided to residents by optimising therapeutic effectiveness and management of medication regimens and minimising possible adverse effects.

We CAN also provide assistance with FREE MEDICINE WEBSTER PACKING AND MEDICINE TROLLEYS for the residents and aged care facility if required


Benefits to aged care homes

The assessment will identify the resident's medical needs and provide important information for planning individual care and medication management strategies.


Benefits to GPs

An RMMR provides an opportunity for GPs and pharmacists to assess medication related information so as to identify and resolve medication related issues.


Benefits to the community

Increased engagement of general practice with aged care can help prevent avoidable deterioration in the health and functioning of residents and help minimise emergency department visits and hospital admissions.